Thomas Keyes

Thomas's work 'Singularity' takes inspiration from the Book of Kells and then adds graffiti art and a modern twist to stop the viewer in their tracks and think about the end of the world - as it would have appeared to early medieval viewers and as it might appear in our technological age. Thomas makes his own parchment and pigments and then illuminates his manuscript pages using techniques and materials available to early medieval manuscript creators, as you can see in the pictures here.










'Singularity' is for sale - for collection at the end of the exhibition at the end of October 2019. Contact Thomas through his website http://www.thomaskeyes.co.uk/index.asp for more information. He's also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Forager-Artist-304203439785016/ and you can also see more of his work for sale at https://dark-mountain.net/this-pen-in-my-hand-is-a-splinter/


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