Alexander Brook

Alexander Brook, a Seaforth Highlander from Fortrose, was stationed near Cambrai when the Germans commenced their “big push” on the 21 March 1918. Several soldiers were taken prisoner and were made to work for the enemy digging trenches, often exposed to the British fire. He escaped, and made his way by night to Genappe, where a kind-hearted Belgian gave him some civilian clothing. During his captivity, no parcels or letters reached him and rations were meagre and poor quality. He was better off than many as he acted as an interpreter.

Hugh “Scotty” Sutherland

In March 1915 Hugh Sutherland succeeded in his third attempt to join the Army. Within months he was serving with the Regular Seaforths in France where he witnessed some severe fighting. In October 1915 he was discharged when it was discovered that he was still only 15.

At home he soon wearied of orderly duties at Invergordon and joined the Navy. After training he was drafted into a motor launch, where he served for the rest of the war. He volunteered for dangerous duty during the naval operations at Zeebrugge on May 1918 and was gassed in the process. This won him a Distinguished Service Medal, for gallantry. He published a book about his experiences in the war.



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