Pots and Pans : the past within

This winter's exhibition Pots and Pans is a bit different from usual.  It focuses on items that come from Rosemarkie, Fortrose and Avoch. But they're objects that have stories that we aren't able to  tell.  Some items were given to the Burgh Council over 50 years ago, but we don't know who by. We know who gave other artefacts, but we know little or nothing about them, or how important the items were to the donors.  So we are hoping that you will be able to help.

The exhibition will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons throughout the winter for people to pop in and see if they can fill in some of the gaps.  Come and see if an item that your family gave to the collections is on display.  If not, ask us to show it - we can regularly add to the display.  What can you tell us about how the item was used, or why it was significant?  Can you tell us anything about the person who originally donated it?  There's so much more to find out, so that the history of our part of the Black Isle can be passed on to young people and future generations.

One of the featured stories is of Reid's lemonade factory in Fortrose. 










We know why some of the bottles are Reids and others are Grants.  But where were the premises in Fortrose? Can we still see the building today? Do you know of anyone who worked there? Where did they get the flavourings and bottles from? When did it shut down? There are so many questions...

Why not pop in and see if you can give information about any of the objects?







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