Courtyard Transformation

In the spring of 2017 our fundraising team were successful in getting our courtyard transformation project accepted by Tesco's 'Bags of Help' scheme which is co-ordinated by Groundwork.  Although we were runners up in our bidding round we still received a grant of £1,000 which was most welcome.


Above - the courtyard as it was

Planning permission had to be obtained but eventually in September work was able to start.  There were large areas of beach cobbles set in concrete which were unattractive and a tripping hazard.  Those have all been removed and replaced with attractive stone chippings.  A corner bench and planter unit has been installed which was very generously donated by WoodBlocX Ltd in Dingwall.  

Below - the courtyard transformed

We think the transformation is a massive improvement in both appearance and safety and the plus is that now visitors to the village have somewhere to sit down in the High Street.  We hope of course that lots of them will visit the museum as well.

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