Earl & Mormaer: Norse-Pictish relationships in Northern Scotland

By Barbara E Crawford                                                              download


Barbara Crawford has lectured in Medieval History in the University of St Andrews since the early 1970s. Her doctoral research was a study of the history of the earls of Orkney-Caithness from the late Norse period until the pledging of the islands to Scotland in 1468.

She has been a foremost proponent of the inter-disciplinary approach to Norse studies. Dr Crawford has conducted her own excavation of a Norse farmhouse on the island of Papa Stour in Shetland, as well as studied place-names as a historical source for understanding Viking settlements in Scotland. These interwoven studies underlie her various publications.

This pdf is the text of her Groam House Museum Annual Academic Lecture delivered in 1994, where she investigates the importance of Easter Ross to the Earls of Orkney in terms of timber resources. Drawing on the fascinating subject of Norse place-names she has explored why the earls, and Thorfinn the Mighty in particular, fought so hard to control this area.


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