The neighbours of the Picts: Angles, Britons & Scots at war and at home

by Leslie Alcock  (1925–2006)                                                             download


Leslie Alcock was a major figure in British archaeology for over 50 years. He was involved in major excavations across the UK, including Cadbury Castle which some argue was King Arthur's Camelot. He was appointed to the newly-created chair of archaeology at Glasgow University in 1973 and soon began a series of excavations on what were then known as 'Dark Age' sites across northern England and Scotland. Targeting historically known forts of the Northumbrians, Britons, Scots and Picts, he chose Urquhart Castle south of Inverness as one of his foci for research.

This pdf is the text of the second Groam House Museum Annual Academic Lecture, which he delivered in 1990.


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