Now that you have become 'hooked' on the Picts you will probably want to find out more (and more...)  Here are some really useful links to help you :-

The Northern Picts Project - is an Aberdeen University project that aims to uncover the archaeological traces of Pictish society in northern Scotland. The project to date has had some spectacular successes.  It has begun to uncover a major and undocumented Pictish royal centre at Rhynie and discovered a significant portion of a major Pictish silver hoard at Gaulcross.  The research team have scaled sea cliffs to discover forgotten Pictish forts and centres of power...

The Pictish Arts Society - It is the purpose of the PAS to raise public awareness of the Pictish stones, history and culture and to encourage various arts inspired by Pictish design.  Membership is open to one and all from across the globe for anyone who has an interest in the Pictish stones and arts...

The Glenmorangie Research Project


Pictish Stones web site

The Highland Pictish Trail


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