Tree : WILLOW    Celtic Name : SAILLE    Gaelic Name : SEILEACH

Mosaic made by : Fortrose Academy 6th year ASDAN Group

Location : Entrance to Fortrose Library, Fortrose



Willow was thought by the Celts to be a very feminine tree; its silvery leaves were associated with the moon, creativity, intuition and emotion. Birds, hares and swans are all totem animals of the willow and two swans can be seen in the mosaic made by Fortose Academy.

Often found growing by marshland, ponds and rivers, willow trees have a strong connection with water. Willow is able to thrive in extremely challenging environments and can take root from a single branch. This ability to regenerate is demonstrated at several Black Isle primary schools where pupils have created ‘living shelters’ crafted from willow sticks pushed into the ground and woven together which have taken root and sprouted.

Because of its flexible nature and long slim branches willow is ideal for basket making and fencing whilst willow charcoal is the best for drawing. The tree also has medical properties with the bark and leaves being a source of aspirin.

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