Tree : ELDER    Celtic Name : RUIS    Gaelic Name : DROMAN

Mosaic made by : Marine House Care Home

Location : Rear wall, Marine House Care Home, Rosemarkie


To the Celts Elder signified regeneration and renewal of spirit; it represented the cycles of life and death, birth and renewal. Elder is a robust and adaptable tree easily regenerating after damage and known to root and grow from any part.

In folklore it is know as the ‘Elder Queen’ or ‘Good Mother’ and is considered to be a women’s tree offering protection and healing properties, sometimes called the poor man’s medicine chest.

Elder leaves create an effective insect repellent whilst the large white blossom heads made up of dozens of tiny white flowers can be made into elder flower cordial. The deep purple berries were used to make cough mixture. Elder flowers and Elder berries are popular ingredients with home wine makers to this day.

In the winter months elder berries provide much needed food for wild birds and animals.

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