Tree : APPLE    Celtic Name : QUERT    Gaelic Name : UBHAL

Mosaic made by : Avoch Brownies

Location : Avoch Harbour Toilets, Avoch


The Celts prized the apple tree and viewed it as a symbol of creativity, an emblem of art and poetry. Apples are one of the oldest cultivated fruits and were particularly valued by the Celts for their ability to keep for long periods of time without rotting.

The beautiful pink and white blossoms of the
apple tree have a lovely scent and are popular with a variety of insects.

Apple trees are now a common sight in gardens and a few can be seen on the Black Isle growing by the side of roads. An apple orchard has been established at Ryefield Farm, Tore, where the trees full of fruit in the Autumn can easily be seen from the road.

The Brownies were particularly keen to show
some local wildlife in their design so in the top
right corner of the mosaic is a Red Kite, a bird
commonly seen around the Black Isle. In the sea behind the apple tree there are three dolphins representing the pod regularly sighted in the Moray Firth and a fox and a red squirrel are also shown.

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