Tree : GORSE    Celtic Name : OHN    Gaelic Name : CONASG

Mosaic made by : Groam House Musuem Volunteers

Location : Low wall outside Groam House Museum, Rosemarkie


Gorse is extremely unusual in that it can flower at any time of the year, thus to the Celts it symbolised continuous fertility.  At their most abundant in March/April the vivid yellow flowers of the gorse were symbolic of intelligence, vibrancy and energy. 

The druids recognised it as a light seeker, spreading its seeds as far as possible to form new paths of sunshine and light.   

To the Druids bees symbolised community activity and opportunity so they are shown on the mosaic as attracted by the fragrant flowers of the gorse.  Also incorporated into the design are a hare and a cormorant:  hares are at their most active, boxing madly in March when gorse is in full bloom about the time of the spring equinox, and the cormorant is the totem bird of gorse.

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