Tree : ASH    Celtic Name : NUIN    Gaelic Name : UINNSEANN

Mosaic made by : Fortrose Pre 5's Group

Location : Fortrose Pre 5's Group, next to Black Isle Leisure Centre, Fortrose


Ash trees are common across Britain and can be found growing widely all over the Black Isle. They are particularly common near water, by rivers and close to marshland.  Unfortunately Ash DieBack has recently attacked many trees in the UK. 

The wood of the ash tree is extremely strong. 
Amongst its traditional uses were broom and tool handles, boat building, and for making wands.  The Celtic people believed ash trees signified prosperity, protection and healing, and used the fresh sap of the ash tree to heal wounds as it has mild disinfectant properties.

The Fortrose Pre 5’s mosaic shows a full grown ash tree with its extensive root system. During workshops the children were taught about the importance of trees within our ecosystem and that Celtic people believed they were magic!

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