Tree : HAWTHORN    Celtic Name : HUATHE    Gaelic Name : SGITHEACH

Mosaic made by : Avoch Friendship Group

Location : Rosemarkie Beach Cafe


Hawthorn is sometimes known as Whitethorn or the May Tree. It was thought to be cleansing and said to clear the mind of negative thoughts, to bring clarity and give patience. Cutting down a Hawthorn was believed to bring bad luck.

The Hawthorn formed the maypole around
which Celts would dance at Beltane, the onset of summer, traditionally a time of marriage, and it was a symbol of love, betrothal and fertility.

Part of the rose family, Hawthorn produces
beautiful small white blossoms with an erotic perfume often used as an aphrodisiac.

With well-known medicinal properties its leaves and fruits help to reduce blood pressure and are used in herbal medicine to treat heart and circulatory disorders.

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