Tree : ALDER    Celtic Name : FEARN    Gaelic Name : FEARNA

Mosaic made by : Cromarty Youth Group Juniors

Location : Bus shelter outside Victoria Hall, Cromarty


The Alder was the magical tree of Bran, god or mythical king of the Celts. Bran means Raven and Cromarty Junior Youth Group chose to show a Raven prominently sitting in their Alder tree. 

The Alder tree is associated with courage and
teaching, and it was thought to reduce nervousness and anxiety.  However it was believed that if you felled an Alder tree your house would be burnt to the ground.

Alder has both male and female flowers. The male flowers are purplish and develop into golden catkins whilst the female are tiny green cones blooming in early spring; when ripe in the autumn they release small red brown seeds eaten by a wide variety of birds.

In Celtic times Alders were used for making harps, clogs, charcoal, pipes and flutes that were said to have the power to summon the fairy folk when played.

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