Tree : POPLAR (Aspen)    Celtic Name : EABHA    Gaelic Name : CRITHEANN

Mosaic made by : Ferintosh Primary School

Location : Low wall in front of Ferintosh Primary Scholl, Easter Kinkell


Aspen was chosen to represent the poplar family because aspen trees are widespread in this area, in fact an aspen tree grows just inside the front gate at Ferintosh Primary School.

These trees are known for their distinctive quivering leaves, which tremble and dance in even a light breeze due to their broad leaves sitting on the end of long flexible stalks.

The Celtic people believed the wind was a messenger from the spirit world and that the Aspens’  ‘whisperings’ in the breeze were sacred messages of peace and fearlessness. An Aspen leaf placed under the tongue was believed to give eloquence.

The light-weight, buoyant wood of the aspen is used for making oars and paddles, and its leaves were used as cattle fodder when other food was scarce.

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Detail of the initial E.
Detail of the asp.
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