Tree : OAK    Celtic Name : DUIR    Gaelic Name : DARACH

Mosaic made by : Members of Resolis Friendship Group

Location : Resolis Memorial Hall, Balblair


The oak was considered a hugely powerful tree amongst the Celts. Its tendency to attract lightening, as depicted in the top right hand corner of the mosaic, and its longevity, make the Oak a powerful and life-affirming symbol.  It has associations with strength, stability, loyalty, honour and wisdom.

Considered King of the Trees, it is attractive to a huge range of insects and wildlife, and with its distinctive wavy-edged leaves and acorns in the autumn is one of our most easily identified trees. Oak timber was traditionally used for boat building as illustrated in the bottom left of the mosaic.  The Celts believed that door made of oak would keep out evil spirits.

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Detail of the ship.
Detail of initial D.
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