Tree : BIRCH   Celtic Name : BEITH    Gaelic Name : BEITHE

Mosaic made by : Fortrose Academy 4th Year ASDAN Group

Location : Fortrose Academy Main Entrance, Fortrose


Birch is a pioneer tree, the first to colonise the wilderness.  It can be seen growing all over the Black Isle, often in areas where woodland has been felled.  To the Celts it signified beginnings and had links to fertility. The Gaelic name for Birch, Beithe, also means inception or beginning.

Known as the ‘Lady of the Woods’, birch, is one of the first to come into leaf in spring.  Its dainty leaves and open canopy make the earth beneath birch trees welcoming to other vegetation.  In the autumn its tiny leaves turn a beautiful golden yellow.

Birch wood is tough and flexible, it burns well
and makes useful kindling.  The distinctive silvery white bark of the birch has been used as parchment and for dressings, whilst birch sap, collected in the spring, has uses including the treatment of kidney stones or bladder problems and the making of beer, wine and vinegar.

The sun features quite strongly in the mosaic because Birch is associated with the sun, passion, energy and growth as well as renewal.  All lovely qualities to link to the young people at the Academy. 

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