Object of the Month

Each month we feature a different object from the museum's collections or exhibitions. 

The Rosemarkie cross-slab has probably featured here before but there is a special reason for us to highlight it again.  Recently some much needed conservation work was carried out on the stone by Mairi Harland of Graciela Ainsworth Sculpture Conservation Limited.  The transformation has to be seen to be believed.













When the stone was relocated into the museum building in 1978 the joint between its two huge fragments was repaired using the best available techniques at the time. Over the past few years the repair had started to deteriorate and our volunteers occasionally found very small fragments on the floor.  And so it was decided this year that once again the best available conservation work was needed.

The following before and after photographs will illustrate the beneficial effects achieved.


















For those who are interested in the technical detail of the work carried out here is the Final Report by Mairi Harland.

Mairi's work was carried out with the aid of an AIM Preventive Conservation Grant supported by The Pilgrim Trust, for which the museum is extremely grateful.