Object of the Month

Each month we feature a different object from the museum's collections or exhibitions. 

This urn is around 3,700 years old.  It is a survivor from an Early Bronze Age cemetery that was discovered in the fields between Rosemarkie and Fortrose in 2012.  Cremated human bone had been put into it and then it was buried in the ground.  

The urn is actually very unusual.  It has been repaired, probably just before it was buried.  Some of the repair is now missing, but take a close look at the top of the pot.  A large piece from  a different urn has been added.  It is much thicker than the rest and its shape doesn’t quite match.  No other example of using a repaired urn for burial has been found in Britain!

It is just one on the objects from the Scottish Water site excavations that have been loaned by Cromarty Court House for display at Groam House this winter.